Staking MYNE.

MYNE is a BEP-20 multi-utility token used for ecosystem participation, treasury, and governance.

Staking is the process of holding tokens in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a network. Participants are rewarded for depositing and holding coins, with constant guaranteed time-based returns. Rewards are calculated based on staking time: the longer you stake, the more you earn.


Welcome to the HOWZAAAT! staking pool! Starting 10 am UTC on November 10th, you have three days to contribute MYNE to the staking pool. During this period, the MYNE you add to the pool doesn't yield you any returns. Once you stake MYNE, it will be locked for 7 days at minimum. After that, if you stay staked in the pool for 90 days, you get a 100% APY (interest). However, if you withdraw before the 90 days, you get a 24% APY.

Staking Pools.

Choose one or more of your favorite staking pools to participate in.


Cap MYNE3,000,000.00

Start Date10th of November 2021 10:00 UTC

Days Open For Stake3

Days Of Mandatory Lock7

Early Reward Return (APY%)24

Days Until Maturity90

Maturity Return (APY%)100

Pool Status

Stake Now


Cap MYNE130,000.00

Start Date12th of November 2021 1:30 PM UTC

Days Open For Stake178

Maturity Return (APY%)250


$FIT,  $GBL,

Pool Status

Stake Now