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We set you up with an account and profile to enable you to start collecting NFTs immediately. The NFT industry is new, and we're at the cusp of a major revolution. Let's explore together.


Officially-licensed NFTs

Collectibles, metaverse items, social tokens, and more. NFTs provide creators the opportunity to capture the full value of their work. They can sell this work for a one-time payment, or program their NFT to auto-receive royalties every time it changes hands in the future.


Curated collection

We give you NFT collectibles directly from the source for guaranteed authenticity. Get off the bench and start collecting sport's most show-stopping moments.


Green NFTs

ITSMYNE's NFT minting consumes over a million times lesser energy than Ethereum-based NFTs. We're deeply committed to a sustainable blockchain future.


Social-plus marketplace for officially-licensed sports NFTs!

03, Sep 2021

Most Expensive Sports NFTs

Irreplaceable tokens or NFTs are becoming one of the fastest growing collectibles in the field of blockchain technology. Generally, it can take many forms, such as photos, collections, clips, and so on.

02, Sep 2021

Fake Banksy NFT bought for £244,000

In hindsight, this seems too good to be true-this is the first opportunity to buy Banksy to venture into the lucrative world of non-fungible tokens (NFT) at a price only a small part of the market price.

02, Sep 2021

NFTs in the Sports Industry

Non-fungible tokens have proven to be an effective way to generate alternate revenue sources in various industries including sports, arts, cinema, gaming and a lot more. The utility and exclusivity that NFT’s provide is an important factor that has the potential to steer this concept ahead.

Why Us.

Digital ownership is going to change the world of creation, distribution and ownership of everything from music to photos. While this can be overwhelming, you’re in good hands.

Blockchain is a great tool to verify the owners of digital stuff. This gives rise to the whole concept of owning things digitally. NFTs are things people can own, sell and trade digitally.

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