officially licensed digital collectibles (NFTs) from sports.

   see history. own history.  

built on the NEAR blockchain, itsmyne's NFT minting uses two million times lesser energy than Ethereum-based NFTs. we're deeply committed to a sustainable blockchain future.
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we give you NFT collectibles directly from the source for guaranteed authenticity. get off the bench and start collecting sport's most show-stopping moments.
every team, brand, athlete, and club selected to participate on itsmyne benefits from personalized on-boarding service! reach your fans faster.  
   white-glove service   
with zero minting costs, sports influencers can price their NFTs at super-affordable rates, accessible to all fans, purchasable using fiat or crypto. 
sophisticated users can buy using many top crypto-currencies, making itsmyne a truly inclusive platform.
itsmyne enables you to split ownership clearly so that capital gains and royalties from NFTs are fairly auto-accrued to creators. 
   auto-split earnings   

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what's an NFT?

NFT = digital collectible

your work + blockchain


the b of blockchain

the internet constitution

brave new world

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our north star

itsmyne aims to democratize content sovereignty in the internet of the future


collect vintage moments, jerseys, game cards, player accessories, authentication proofs, digital merchandise, special edition bats, balls, rare photographs, creative match tickets, trophies, locker-room footage, etc.  

licensed directly from brands, teams, clubs, federations, and athletes!


   NFT commentary   

piece of digital media that can be owned, sold, and traded. a blockchain receipt that tracks ownership of a unique digital asset by affixing a unique text string to the file's metadata.

NFTs provide creators the opportunity to capture the full value of their work. they can sell this work for a one-time payment, or program their NFT to auto-receive royalties every time it changes hands in the future.

if you work in sports, join the club -- zero blockchain or NFT experience necessary. 

itsmyne makes NFT creation easy and intuitive.

we set you up with an account and profile to enable you to start creating NFTs immediately. the NFT industry is new, and we're at the cusp of a major revolution. let's explore together.

think of blockchain as a giant spreadsheet of transactions. while no one can edit listed transactions, they can add new ones. every NFT you create is going to become an entry on this spreadsheet.

blockchain is a great tool to verify the owners of digital stuff. this gives rise to the whole concept of owning things digitally. NFTs are things people can own, sell and trade digitally.

digital ownership is going to change the world of creation, distribution and ownership of everything from music to photos. while this can be overwhelming, you're in good hands.

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